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Lean Enterprise | Value Stream Mapping | Energy Audits Lean Enterprise | Value Stream Mapping | Energy Audits
Lean Enterprise | Value Stream Mapping | Energy Audits
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Enterprise Management

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Global pressures and increasing customer demands require manufacturers to operate at ever higher levels of competency. To achieve world-class status, companies must focus on lowering costs by reducing waste, increasing throughput, improving lead times, and putting customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Maine MEP provides the experience and the services that help our clients achieve the right focus and become globally competitive across the enterprise.

Enterprise Improvement

A scalable and flexible assessment process quantifies and qualifies value added activity across your enterprise. Based on assessment outcomes, we use tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Systematic Layout Planning, QMS Gap Analysis, and develop Performance Metrics to maximize throughput and improve bottom line results. We look at the front end of your business, identifying new business opportunities through our Innovation Services, and we enhance your sales force’s effectiveness with a network of third party partners. In addition to addressing design and sales, the "front end" processes, we identify and solidify the critical business processes that are the foundation of your organization. With proven training and implementation methodologies, we incorporate Process Improvement methodologies, providing results that immediately impact your bottom line.

Lean Transformation and Sustainment

Enterprise-wide lean methodologies provide a customizable, measurable, and proven framework that transforms your company into a sustainable Lean Enterprise. Lean thinking, incorporated in your business strategy, is the foundation of a high-performance enterprise. Lean execution eliminates waste and provides manufacturers with the biggest opportunity for immediate bottom-line improvement. Maine MEP can assist you in strategic and policy deployment activities to ensure successful planning and execution.

Information Technology

Accurate and timely information is crucial to making proper business decisions. It goes without saying that the selection and timely implementation of an Information Business Software System, which gathers and reports this data, is also crucial. Beginning with the initial and crucial step of developing a strategy, Information Business Systems planning focuses on leveraging the technologies and resources that best match your business objectives. From selection and implementation, through re-engineering, if necessary, Maine MEP provides a proven track record of helping companies make the best choices available for business decision software.

Quality Management

Compliance in Quality Management Systems standards is critical; in many industries, it is a requirement for doing business with your customers. Have you transformed your Quality management System into a competitive advantage? The Maine MEP provides a number of options that allow your company to become registered in any of the QMS standards.

Plant Layouts

The Maine MEP uses a team-based systematic process that uses actual data to determine the most effective and efficient layout possible. Understanding customer demands, material flows, information flows, strategic direction, and system constraints are only a few of the factors that may affect a facility’s efficiency. Our service is essential for those companies who must:

  • Add major new equipment or capacity
  • Rearrange for better material flow and throughput
  • Expand or consolidate facilities
  • Implement work cells and lean manufacturing
  • Implement new warehousing methods, processes, and systems
  • Rearrange teams or more effective office communications

Energy Audits

The Maine State Energy Program in partnership with the Maine MEP offers energy audits through the Small Business Program. The type of audit offered is considered a “walk-through” audit. This is NOT an engineering analysis. The energy auditor(s) will spend a portion of one day, (typically several hours), at the facility conducting onsite interviews with company personnel and touring the facility.

Prior to the visit the organization will be requested to provide copies of utility bills, including electricity, oil, gas, propane, etc., for the past year. Other information requested may include production processes, building information, major energy using equipment, etc. (All information is kept confidential.)

An assessment is made based on the information gathered, with a written audit report subsequently delivered to the company within a reasonable time frame. This report will contain information and recommendations for potential energy savings.

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