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When you bring Maine MEP on as a partner in your manufacturing enterprise, you are getting the benefit of 100 combined years of real-world manufacturing experience on the part of our staff. We have a national network of manufacturing expertise we can pull in to help you with whatever challenges you’re facing.

Working with Maine MEP means gaining a true partner in your company’s success. Our clients include everyone from small at-home artisans to high-tech facilities, and each one of them is in a different phase with their goals, budget, obstacles and vision. That’s why we approach each and every project individually and bring you a completely tailored set of recommendations. After our initial conversation, we will arrange for an on-site visit at a time that is convenient for you, so that we can tour your facility and get to know your team firsthand. We will ask good questions and listen carefully so that we can figure out the best plan and pace for your goals and challenges in that particular moment. And we will stay with you, through thick and thin, as long as you need us. 

The work Maine MEP does with our clients is lasting, impactful and driven by a genuine investment in your people, your product and your success. Our staff all live and work in Maine: we want to see manufacturing thrive in our state through individual businesses like yours because we know that a robust manufacturing industry means healthier, happier communities all over our state.

And our public-private structure means that we can offer you high quality assessments and coaching for a price you can afford, and we can also often find you ways to fund the work you do with us. Every one of our projects is surveyed by an independent auditor so that you can be assured that we are accountable, responsible, transparent and engaging in best practices. Read some of our success stories!

“Kennebec Technologies has called upon Maine MEP many times looking to upgrade our systems, improve our production processes and deliver new training to our 60 plus employees. We have improved our productivity by 50 percent, doubled our sales revenue and been able to invest our capital in new technologies.  When improving our business processes, we continue to see MEP as our ‘go to’ partner.”

Harvey Smith
Vice President of Operations, Kennebec Technologies (Augusta)

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