Improve Efficiency

Improve Your Manufacturing Efficiency

Efficiency is key to any manufacturer’s success. Your business’ ability to be streamlined and productive  is impacted by a variety of factors, including reducing downtime and lead-time, safety requirements, understanding customer demand, working out material and information flows, and allowing for system constraints. 

A big part of improving manufacturing efficiency has to do with facility layout. When you work with Maine MEP, our staff will employ a team-based systematic process that uses your actual data to determine the most effective and efficient facility layout possible. We can help you think through rearranging, adding major equipment, expanding or consolidating facilities, implementing new warehousing methods and creating better internal communication among your team members.

We are also experts in Quality Management Systems compliance and lean manufacturing, and would be glad to talk to you about how we can help you become registered for standards and apply the principles of continual improvement to your workplace.

Photography by Molly Haley,

“With only two employees, it was critical for us to reach out to Maine MEP to access operational expertise to help us plan for future growth. Maine MEP brought in their dual certified facility planner and lean practitioner who developed multiple facility layout options. This effort became our defacto manufacturing roadmap, allowing Heiwa to continue to meet growing demand for our products.”

Jeff Wolovitz
Owner, Heiwa Tofu (Rockport) 

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