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Working with You to Improve Manufacturing and Production

To compete on the global market, small Maine-based companies must find ways to lower costs, increase throughput, improve lead times, and ensure customer satisfaction. By working with Maine MEP, our clients are able to meet their goals and improve manufacturing and production processes. Facing a specific challenge? Our team of experienced field staff can meet you on-site to discuss and find solutions. If our own project managers don’t have the answers for you, we will bring in partners who do. Don’t know where to start? We can advise on that, too. Some of our key service areas are outlined below. Click on each one to learn more about how we can help.

“Maine MEP has successfully guided Bixby through improvement processes which helped us to be more competitive, implement best business practices, and diversify our product line and ensure quality products.”

Kate McAleer
Owner/Founder, Bixby & Co. (Rockland)

Our Services

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