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Shaun Gill – Project Manager

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Areas of specialty: Marine and Waterfront Operations, Automation, Technology and Process Development, Scientific Facilities, Workforce Development

Shaun Gill join Maine MEP in 2023 and brings 20 years of experience serving the scientific and manufacturing communities. He has led the commission of award-winning automation, administered technical college workforce development programs, managed innovative facility renovations, co-developed environmental monitoring software, and offers design consultation on scientific equipment and industrial aquatic systems.

While formally trained as a scientist, it is Shaun’s inner engineer and artist that gravitates towards developing and empowering others to use technology.

Marine operations and scientific facilities administration were Shaun’s interdisciplinary bridge to the worlds of manufacturing and workforce development. Seemingly dissimilar at first, science and manufacturing share the common requirement of efficiently delivering high-quality, reliable products.

As not all matters are technical in nature, Shaun finds that mindful support of people and processes is necessary to arrive at meaningful, stakeholder-oriented solutions.

Shaun holds a MS in Marine Biology from Nova Southeastern University, and a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry for Loyola University Chicago.

When not helping clients, you will find Shaun enjoying time amongst the ocean and mountains with his dog Grady, creating in his home workshop, exploring the world of cooking, and pursuing wellness.

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