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January 23, 2015

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Maine MEP Partners with University of Maine Advanced Manufacturing Center To Expand Engineering Capacity
Forest Wentworth hired as Maine MEP Project Manager at AMC

ORONO, ME - The Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maine MEP) today announced that it has entered into a new partnership agreement with the University of Maine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) to expand the Center’s capacity and add a project manager to the staff at the university facility. The agreement will benefit both organizations by enhancing the expertise available to Maine manufacturers who use AMC’s engineering support and service center.

“Maine MEP is very pleased to expand our partnership with AMC and add an MEP project manager to the staff of the Advanced Manufacturing Center in Orono,” said Muriel Mosher, president of Maine MEP. “AMC provides valuable services to Maine’s manufacturing sector by working with companies on manufacturing design and prototype projects. The Center’s fabrication capabilities and access to research expertise has helped dozens of companies overcome production challenges and develop/ commercialize new products.”

The partnership agreement was worked out between Maine MEP Center Director Larry Robinson and AMC Director John Belding. It calls for placing an MEP project manager at the university center, promoting closer collaboration between the two organizations with the goal of enhancing the services available to manufacturers in the state.

As a result of the partnership, Maine MEP has hired Forest Wentworth as the MEP/AMC Project Manager. Wentworth will provide a range of research, design and manufacturing services to private sector clients and will serve as Maine MEP’s liaison with the Center.

Wentworth attended the University of Maine and graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering technology. Prior to accepting the MEP/AMC position, he worked in the petroleum transportation industry as a quality control manager and design certifying engineer. He also worked for an equipment manufacturer designing and integrating tank systems on vehicles for the petroleum and firefighting industries.

“This partnership expands the capacity of AMC to offer engineering and manufacturing solutions to Maine companies,” said John Belding, director of the Advanced Manufacturing Center. “Forest will be chiefly responsible for supervising projects in the AMC machine and fabrication shop. But he will also play an important role in the Center’s outreach program, regularly visiting manufacturers around the state to promote the services available to companies through the Center. ”

The University of Maine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center provides a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies. It houses a Design Lab, a Testing Lab that includes the University of Maine Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Hybrid Structures Laboratory, an Advanced Manufacturing Lab, and an Industrial Training Facility. Its capabilities range from 3-D printing to environmental chamber services to computer controlled machining, among many others. The Center also can utilize the resources of more than 100 university research labs, engineers, professors and not-for-profit organizations that exponentially increase its capabilities.

Wentworth expressed excitement in joining AMC as the Maine MEP project manager.

“This new position of MEP project manager at the Center will give me an exciting opportunity to work with Maine manufacturers on manufacturing challenges and new product development. As a graduate of the University of Maine, I’m very familiar with the services provided by AMC, having worked on more than 20 engineering projects there over three years as a student engineering assistant. It’s satisfying being able to bring my professional skills back to the Center. I look forward to working with the other staff and clients on a wide range of engineering and manufacturing projects,” Wentworth stated.

About Maine MEP
The Maine MEP is a program of the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development and an affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the U.S. Department of Commerce. The national MEP system is a network of manufacturing extension centers that provide business and technical assistance to smaller manufacturers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Through MEP, manufacturers have access to more than 2,000 manufacturing and business professionals whose job is to help firms make changes that lead to greater productivity, increased profits and enhanced global competitiveness. For information on the Maine MEP program, please visit, or phone 1-800-MEP-4MFG.

About AMC
The Advanced Manufacturing Center is an engineering support and service center that is dedicated to promoting manufacturing economic development in Maine. The program was started at the University of Maine’s College of Engineering to provide a high-level technical resource that would be readily accessible to businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers throughout the state. The AMC provides an engineering approach to solving manufacturing problems and has experience working on a significant number of projects in the following areas: Product development, prototyping, and commercialization - Improvement of existing products and manufacturing processes - Research support, system design and integration. For more information about the Advanced Manufacturing Center please visit us at or call 207-581-2717. Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) is an engineering support and service center dedicated to promoting economic development in Maine. http//